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crazy day and had a bit coin viewer

Incase anyone was interested enough to follow the story I thought I’d do an update.  The excitement of the day and possibly the full moon will mean I’m bound to be unable to sleep.  Insomnia is often the mother of crazy ideas, like selling my house for bit coin.

I put a sign outside the house today…. the one used in the post picture….. I think its a first.  I have also been told that if this sale goes through it will be the first ever bitcoin private house sale in the UK. 

The press coverage has been very good, the story has been on lots of crypto news sites and the Daily Mirror.  Yesterday I spent over 3 hours with a photographer from the the Daily Telegraph for the Money Section.

Inside the house, we got 3/4 of the way through plaster-boarding the back room ceiling.  It seems such a shame but the ceiling there is the original horse hair plaster, its cracked and the decorated ceiling paper is peeling away. I really can’t see anyone else wanting to have it…… the foot through the ceiling has had to go too.

I rang and spoke to the Land registry office and it is perfectly legal to do your own conveyancing . I have printed off the forms to do an ownership transfer and to change the property register; it doesn’t look too difficult and the fees are tiny compared to paying a solicitor.  If I can get it all right then I will have advertised and sold the house for under £200.

Had the first potential buyer for bit coin come round with his partner.  They were lovely and really got the Bitcoin thing, probably even more than me.  If they did become the buyers I could see us staying in touch.   We were able to talk geekily about crypto, which is great as I only really know so little.

We did discuss the rapid inflation of Bitcoin value since I started this (over £1000 in a few days) and both agreed that, if they went ahead,  we would have to set a date and time and for the exchange and once that was decided, then there would be no recall for either of us no matter what happened to the value vs fiat money.

I think for me its made me realise that the constant comparison with fiat money is actually limiting some of the potential for this as a tool of verified human exchange.

The further down the rabbit hole of crypto I go the more I see that it is the future now. I think that in the same way when the first computers came out, very few could imagine how integrated into our lives they would become, I think crypto and the technology behind it, will become as integrated in to human communications, negotiations and business as computers already are.

Off the back of all the publicity, I also have had a call from ITV, the Judge Rinder team rang to see if I wanted to go on the show; they’d read about the house and thought I seemed an interesting character.  That has amused me quite a lot, especially as I have since thought of a person that owes me money that I never thought I’d get back…… we shall see…. I will ponder over the weekend.

I feel positive about the potential buyers as they seemed inspired by my complete disregard for convention and decorating, and were pleasantly surprised by how big the place is.  I really hope we can sort out deal, it would be nice to leave 158 knowing that it will continue to be decorated in a  truly individual way.

What ever happens,  I also hope who ever buys the house loves and has as much enjoyment out of it as I have.




What is Bitcoin?

Put simply it’s electronic money.  More and more people are using electronic money already, like when they pay for something with a credit or debit card.  No cash is really created for this, its just numbers on the screen; digital money.  Bitcoin is one of several other types of digital money collectively called Crypto Currency. Bitcoin was the first.

There will only ever be only 21 million bitcoins.  Each Bitcoin can be divided in to into smaller parts (the smallest divisible amount is one hundred millionth of a bitcoin and is called a ‘Satoshi’)

It is not controlled by any central bank or organisation.  So you can’t have quantative easing or other bank or government intefearance to alter is value or control how it flows.

It is extremely secure.

It relies on the internet to communicate the transactions.

The value of it is determined by what value the market and the people who find it useful, place on it.  The value currently goes up and down wildly as people are only really just realizing its potential and threats.  Overall it has currently continued to go up in value over the longer term..

The fees for moving money around particularly international transfers can be tiny compared to what banks charge.

Its anonymous.

Its easy to use once you have been shown. e.g. If you wanted to send me money you’d just use this image or the numbers and letters to transfer money direct to my wallet no need to involve anyone else.  


I’m no expert but my further  understanding is;

Digital money that we use daily, is backed up and held by banks and governments, usually with governments offering to back the value of that digital currency (think bailouts when banks fail.  That value used to come from countries holding onto stocks of precious metals; gold and silver. SO there was a limit to the amount of money that could be issued.  These days money is issued electronically with a complicated set or rules and mechanisms allowing banks and governments to issue money based on systems of loans and promises.  The value of the money is determined by the amount of money in circulation, the worth of the country and currency to the INTERNATIONAL market and a select number of people that control such things. (Think bankers, hedge managers, currency speculators, govt. etc).  Your value as a tax payer fits into this somehow…. I’m still learning.

Crypto Currency is backed up by the values users place on it in terms of its usefulness, its security and ease of use and access.

If you want to know more try here


Its actually quite fun to watch them go up and down and once you have a few then all becomes a bit more real.  Good Luck, you might make a few £… better odds that playing the lottery I recon!







Just a hi from me.

I’ll come back on to here and report anything I find out with this idea.  Share any constructive comments and let you know the latest state of the house as its a clearing up in progress……

Please do share this website and idea


I still need to clear the back garden and some areas I am still repainting.

I was also going to demolish the shed.

The house can be bought right now with no chain.

I will take crypto currency or government issued fiat money.