DIY House Sale HOW TO

DIY House Sale HOW TO

So I had a moment of inspiration!  I thought what if I could sell and advertise my house sale myself.  I didn’t have the money to pay an agent and had a bit of an idea how to use word press.  So necessity being the mother of invention I also came up with the format idea of www.SELLMYHOUSE[yourpostcode]  Not surprisingly this web domain was available.  Much to my surprise 1&1 hosting had it for sale for £1 for a year.  1&1 also had very reasonable web building tools for not much more money.  However I wanted to use wordpress though, but it meant if others chose to copy this idea, they would not even need to know how to build a website or use wordpress.  Bonus I thought this has viral potential and would be easy for people to search too… just type in SELLMYHOUSE and the post code of area you want to be in.  Seemed simple so I thought I’d put it out here in WWW land.

So thats the idea. Lets see what happens.

Step By Step

Register with 1&1  They were the cheapest I could find and have been great in helping me! 

(please use a link from this site please and they will give me a kickback as a thanks)

Buy the www domain for your house use format SELLMYHOUSE[yourpostcode]  *SEE NOTE BELOW

Use 1&1  website builder or wordpress hosting.  Presumably if you are reading this you a a bit tech savvy.  There a plenty of tutorials and help videos to get you going on wordpress.  Its pretty easy and more productive than another night sat in front of the tv 😉

I used to create floorplans….. again really easy to use, there are several others I looked at  including

The 360 images came from my friend at  using a wordpress plug in.

But you could just upload photos. 

I’d happily give anyone the format to the website I’ve already created if they want it (not exactly sure how to do that yet, but the internet will tell me!

Next I shared it around on social media…….

errr that’s it really.

Good Luck

*NOTE It’s been suggested that each post code is for several houses so really it should be SELLMYHOUSE[housenumber][postcode]  I leave it to you to decide.